Original Spare Parts

Why to use original spare parts?

At Serviplus Autorizado, we import and distribute original spare parts for all reference of household appliances. All our products have the manufacturer’s warranty, with which we guarantee your purchase.


Original spare parts for washing machines icon

Spare parts for washing machines:

Drain pumps, diaphragm pump, belt, pulleys, cards, capacitor, motor sensor, cap switch, start capacitor, agitator, water inlet hoses, water outlet hoses, transmissions, basket, plastic tub.


Refrigerator icon

Spare parts for refrigerators:

Unit/compressor, freezer, filters, protector of voltages, sensors, packaging, bimetallic, resistance, diffuser motor, temperature controls, automatic, evaporators, cards.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioning icon

Spare parts for air conditioning:

Refrigerant gas, compressors, condensers, evaporators, filters, valve.

Do you need  spare parts for your applicance?