Big Size Refrigerators

Importance of Big Size Refrigerators

Big size refrigerators (Nevecones) are very common appliances in homes in Colombia. They are important because they conserve food for long periods of time and help to prevent spoilage. To carry out a preventive technical review or corrective maintenance in these appliances is critical because they will help you to save money by avoiding technical errors of high-gravity, which could be very expensive for you. 

Why contact us?

Call us if you suspect the following technical problems in your big size refrigerator:

  • Unusual noises
  • It is not cooling
  • The compressor is presenting inconsistencies
  • Water leaks
  • Electrical or mechanical faults
  • Strange smells

Benefits of a Big Size Refrigerator:

  • Prevents bacteria
  • Stores and keeps large quantities of food safe for long periods of time
  • Extends the life of food
  • Helps to avoid food waste


Technical review is a task that aims to provide a diagnostic of possible problems and maintenance is the correction process, which helps to correct the performance of your appliance.

Big Size Refrigerators

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